Maverick Series

Deer Blinds


Maverick Series Deer Blinds from Bittercreek Blinds is now available at Deerview Windows. A crafted construction from galvanized steel ensures resilience against even the most extreme weather conditions. This robust build guarantees longevity with minimal maintenance and provides hunters with reliable shelter for years.

Truck bed coating is an additional feature added to the walls and ceiling for enhanced insulation providing year-round use and strong sound dampening. This feature benefits hunters seeking to minimize noise disturbance for a more effective hunting experience.

With durable construction, superior insulation, and sound-dampening capabilities, the Maverick Series Deer Blind offers hunters a comfortable and efficient hunting solution and ensures optimal performance in any season or weather condition.


Sizes Available:  4′ x 6′ and 6′ x 6′

Available now for pick-up only at Deerview Windows.  Contact us for more information:



deer blind FEATURES

Truck Bed Coating Walls/Ceiling              Ultra Mesquite Camo Paint            Deerview Windows Horz Slider       Window Hoods to Minimize Glare









Deerview Windows Installed in Every Deer Blind

Deerview’s Horizontal Slider Window is a horizontally mounted twin pane sliding window. Both window panes have double-strength glass and are marine-glazed in an aluminum frame.

30″ wide and 11.5″ tall


Special Mesquite Camo Paint

The unique Ultra Mesquite camo paint is a complex balance of texture detail, depth and incredible realism to create the most advanced Mesquite Camo available. This camo blends perfectly in the Texas landscape.