Stand & Fill Deer Feeder


The Stand & Fill Deer Feeder from Bittercreek Blinds is now available at Deerview Windows.  With a combination of strength, durability, and convenience, it makes an attractive option for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

Available now for pick-up only at Deerview Windows.  Contact us for more information:



Key Features

All Aluminum Frame
Lightweight, durable, and rust-proof, ensuring longevity and easy maintenance.

600 lbs Feed Weight Capacity
Sufficient capacity to hold a large amount of feed, reducing the frequency of refills.

4 Anchor Points
Provides stability, especially in strong wind conditions, enhancing safety and reliability.

Vermin Guard
Prevents potential damage from animals like raccoons, ensuring the feeder remains intact and functional.

10″ x 15″ Feed Sight Window
Allows for easy monitoring of feed levels, enabling timely refills.

12v Motor Powered by Solar Panel with Standard Eliminator
Offers a convenient and eco-friendly power source, eliminating the need for battery maintenance.

A well-designed and practical solution for deer feeding needs.