What is a good height to put window?

Standard practice is bottom of window 39"-41" from floor.

What is the best option for an archery window?

Any of our "Hinge" style windows 24"-36" depending on height of stand/blind.

How dark in the grey glass?

Our "grey" glass is a medium tint option. It is there to help cut down on the sunlight and lessen the visibility into the stand.

What is your current manufacturing time?

Current manufacturing time can always be found on the bottom of every page of our website. Please keep in mind these are subject to change during peak season.

What is the largest window you can manufacture?

The regular Hinge Window is the only that we consider to have a maximum size restriction. That size being a 60" x 12" and/or 48" x 24".

What is custom size window pricing like compare to standard sizes?

Custom size pricing is based on window size and will simply fall in line with our standard size pricing? I.E. A 30" x 11.5" Horizontal Slider will fall somewhere between our standard 24" x 11.5" and 36" x 11.5" respectively.

Can I install these myself?

Our products are designed for the DIY in mind and are easily installed.

What happens if my order arrives damaged?

We ask that you send us an email to sales@deerviewwindows.com with what is damaged and photos for our claims process.

Other than that; you do not need to do anything else. We will get the replacement processed and sent back out.

Do you ship out of state?

We do ship nationwide; as well as Canada and Mexico.

Do you offer any bulk or manufacturing pricing?

Yes we do. Simply send us an email with details and we will follow up.