Get Your State Deer Season Calendar!

The summer heat is beating down, but the calendar continues to move toward the crisp days of fall and the start of deer hunting season.  Do you know when the season starts and ends in your state?

Deerview Windows wants to help you stay in the know. We’re providing free season calendars for each state. All you have to do is look for Deerview’s social media postings in all the usual places—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.  You’ll have easy access to your state’s calendar.

Here are some fun facts about deer hunting season among U.S. states.

  • Tennessee offers one of the longest deer hunting seasons in the country. For Tennessee deer hunting, the statewide bag limit for antlered bucks is two per season, and one per day.
  • One of the regions with the highest success rates in the country is the Midwest. Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin record some of the highest antlered buck harvest rates in the country, with Pennsylvania topping the charts in 2021 with estimates of 145,320 harvested bucks.
  • Texas boasts the highest deer population in the nation with over 5.5 million deer calling it home.
  • States like Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have over 30 deer per square mile.
  • Michigan has an incredibly high deer population with around 1.9 million deer calling the state home. it also has an incredibly high population of hunters as well–over 600,000.
  • The average success rate for California deer hunters lies between 11% and 22%. This means that those hunters who beat the odds by regularly finding success in the steep mountains and dense forests of the state are likely among the elite of the deer hunting world.

Visit any of our social media pages now to request your state’s hunting season schedule! 

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