Give Deer Time to Get Comfortable with New Blind

How long does it take for deer to get used to a blind?

Deer are very familiar with the areas they frequent. Usually, hunters set up blinds or stands where they see signs of deer activity–trails, feeding, and bedding areas. Deer frequenting the area can recognize something new. They have an incredible sense of smell. Outside of simply seeing something that is out of place, deer may be able to detect a human scent or other scents that are on the blind until it has had time to dissipate and take on the smells of the forest.

It’s also true that many deer do not notice new blinds as they are more focused on food, mating, or simply do not have situational awareness. Generally speaking, older deer such as mature bucks will have better situational awareness and potentially recognize a new blind location.

This doesn’t mean they will be scared of it, but that they may not trust the location for a while until they get used to it. Giving plenty of time to allow these mature bucks and does time to get used to your ground blind is a variable you should account for when you can place the blinds ahead of time. Juvenile deer will often learn from more mature deer around them. Often a more mature deer has “life experience” that a less mature juvenile deer does not. The mature deer will often see a hunting blind, and younger deer will learn from its elders. suggests that you set up the ground blind a month before your first hunt if it is legal to do so in that location. If on public lands or lands with restrictions, explicitly follow any laws and regulations. Use any terrain features to your advantage, helping hide the blind with brush, land features such as big rocks or in clumps of trees. Just remember to not block decent sight lines so you still have ample shooting windows.

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And, remember all of the miscellaneous items that you may need, like deer blind tower bracketsT-post game camera mountcamo mesh, and charging port.