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Give Deer Time to Get Comfortable with New Blind

How long does it take for deer to get used to a blind? Deer are very familiar with the areas they frequent. Usually, hunters set up blinds or stands where they see signs of deer activity–trails, feeding, and bedding areas. Deer frequenting the area can recognize something new. They have an incredible sense of smell….
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Get Your State Deer Season Calendar!

The summer heat is beating down, but the calendar continues to move toward the crisp days of fall and the start of deer hunting season.  Do you know when the season starts and ends in your state? Deerview Windows wants to help you stay in the know. We’re providing free season calendars for each state….
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And the Winner is…

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Refresh Your Deer Stand

A wise deer hunter once described preparing for hunting season as a “365-day-a-year hobby.” He reminded us that hunters who pay no attention to their equipment, deer stands, and locations during the off-season will be at a noticeable disadvantage on the first day of the season. The most successful hunters a proactive in the off-season….
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Preparing for Deer Season

You Play How You Practice. Although the deer hunting season is limited to a few weeks out of the year, the serious hunter makes it a near full-time calling by preparing during the off-season. What is there to do, you ask.  A lot! Woods ‘N Water News reminds us that the best athletes know you…
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AAAH. Cuppa Coffee + the Perfect View.

YEP.  LIFE IS GOOD. It’s a cool, crips morning. Sunrise is a couple of hours away. You take that first sip of hot coffee as you slip into those comfortable camo duds, lace up your favorite pair of well-worn boots and grab your trusty hunting rifle on the way out the door.  Life is good….
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