Preparing for Deer Season

You Play How You Practice.

Although the deer hunting season is limited to a few weeks out of the year, the serious hunter makes it a near full-time calling by preparing during the off-season.

What is there to do, you ask.  A lot!

Woods ‘N Water News reminds us that the best athletes know you can’t show up on game day and expect to excel. Indeed, you play how you practice, so how you prep now will make all the difference when a big buck gives you a slight window of opportunity in November.

According to the magazine, most people do not pick up their weapon until just before hunting season starts, calling that decision a big mistake. Your shooting skill needs to be practiced consistently until it is pure muscle memory.

If you’re not bow shooting year-round in some indoor league, then starting back up when you can in the spring is a good idea. Shoot several times a week at least, increasing your frequency as the season gets closer. Pace yourself as overshooting can lead to fatigue and bad habits.

Try shooting at various distances and from ground blinds, tree stands, and under duress (like breathing heavily after a workout), which puts you in hunt-like situations and prepares your mind and body for the moment of truth.

There are many 3D archery shoots that help you get out of the monotony of shooting in the backyard. These can put you in different and challenging situations, exactly when you need to hone your skills and mind. The Total Archery Challenge is one I’ve been doing for several years and is a great way to start your summer shooting regimen. This is also the time to try new arrows and setups and get everything shooting perfectly months in advance of when it matters. Waiting till September to start is just asking for trouble in the form of a poor hunting season.

It’s also the perfect time to refurbish your deer stand.  Make sure your windows are the size you need for optimum viewing and have the clarity needed to spot your target. Talk to Tyler at Deerview Windows for expert advice.

While you’re preparing, don’t forget DeerView Windows manufactures custom windows solely for use in deer stand/blind applications. Our goal is to be the best in the industry in providing visibility to your hunt. All of our windows and doors can be custom-made to fit your specific openings, or you can select from our standard sizes. Check out our product pages at to determine which style of window is best for your particular blind’s needs, and let us give you a free quote.

And, remember all of the miscellaneious items that you may need, like deer blind tower brackets, T-post game camera mount, camo mesh, and charging port.


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