EZ Tower Deer Blind Tower Brackets
(Set of 4)




EZ Tower Deer Blind Tower Brackets are a revolutionary way to elevate your hunting blind. The set of 4 brackets are made of heavy gauge steel that quickly & easily attaches to the corners of a hunting blind with basic lag screws or bolts. Each EZ Tower bracket has integrated leg sockets that allow any length of 4×4 post to slide up inside, creating legs under your blind. The bracket design tilts each leg out 8 degrees to each side, creating the strongest & most stable tower available. It’s the most versatile blind component ever made. An elevating tower can be made any height you want, by simply inserting your desired length of post.

Most importantly, it can be used to get your deer stand set up on unlevel ground! Just cut the wooden legs to size & get your blind set in the best spot, whether it’s level or not! The EZ Tower is strong, stable, safe & dependable. Never again fight those hard-to-haul, hard-to-set-up, heavy steel deer blind towers. Never again pay high prices to get your hunting blind up in the air. Never again be stuck to standing your blind off the best spot, simply because it’s unleveled.

Raising your hunting blind with EZ Tower brackets is fast & easy!
1.  Tilt or lay your blind over on one side.
2.  Position EZ Tower brackets on each corner & secure with lag screws or bolts.
3.  Insert your desired length 4×4 posts into the bracket’s leg sockets and secure with lag screws or bolts.
4.  Brace legs to each other with 1x or 2x lumber, as desired.
5.  Tilt blind back over onto its feet.  (Cabling down through welded cable loops on the EZ Tower bracket is recommended)

The product is fabricated with 14 gauge steel.



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