Refresh Your Deer Stand

A wise deer hunter once described preparing for hunting season as a “365-day-a-year hobby.” He reminded us that hunters who pay no attention to their equipment, deer stands, and locations during the off-season will be at a noticeable disadvantage on the first day of the season.

The most successful hunters a proactive in the off-season. They take what they learned from last season to prepare for the next one. They also make sure maintenance is a priority. Attempting to use a deer stand that has been left exposed to the elements since last year without checking for stability—and wildlife–is risky business, especially when carrying a firearm or archery gear.

Enclosed stands are inviting places for wasps, snakes, and varmints. Blinds that are left sitting in the woods unattended for a while are almost certain to attract some unwanted guests. Looking in on your deer stand in the summer helps prevent the unexpected you may otherwise experience when cracking open a door or window that’s been closed since last winter.  Check the windows for clarity and make sure there are no cracks or holes.  If so, it’s the right time to contact Deerview Windows and order new ones.

Another old timer’s advice: Always bring along a can of wasp spray and a flashlight when visiting a stand that has been sitting idle for a while. Open the door slowly and be sure to have a good look around before going inside. Check beneath seats, in dark corners, under the floor, and along rafters for nests.

A Summertime visit is also a good time to check doors and windows for squeaks and groans. A little WD-40 will go a long way to prevent window squeaks as you swing it open it to take a shot at a first-day buck. With the season still many weeks away, your maintenance efforts with its noise and smells won’t have any long-term effect on deer behavior or movement, and you’ll enjoy knowing you’re ready for action on opening day.

While you’re preparing, don’t forget DeerView Windows manufactures custom windows solely for use in deer stand/blind applications. Talk to Tyler and Tony at Deerview Windows for expert advice. Our goal is to be the best in the industry in providing visibility to your hunt. All of our windows and doors can be custom-made to fit your specific openings, or you can select from our standard sizes. Check out our products to determine which style of window is best for your particular blind’s needs, and let us give you a free quote.

And, remember all of the miscellaneous items that you may need, like deer blind tower bracketsT-post game camera mountcamo mesh, and charging port.