Young Michigan Hunter Lands Big Buck

Patience and Persistence Pay Off

It has been said that in deer hunting, you learn to be patient and persistent, waiting for the right opportunity and never giving up on the chase. Twenty-year-old Blake Spencer is proof that perseverance pays off as he bagged the buck of a lifetime in a Michigan hunting event recently.

The young hunter called the deer Bigfoot and said he had been hunting the animal for the past two years before taking him as part of Buck Pole event at Ben’s Great Outdoors in Tuscola County.

“It was honestly the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life because I didn’t think he was that big,” Spencer told WNEM-TV News. “But he ended up being about 175 pounds.”

Spencer said he has been hunting since he was about 8 years old.

“I started getting into it from my dad,” he said. “This is a huge bonding experience for us.”

Spencer said he plans to add the deer to his collection.

“A lot of people in Michigan will never see a deer of this caliber,” he said. “I got lucky to be able to hunt him and harvest him.”

Spencer was awarded a package valued at $3,520, a trophy, rifle, boots, and a tripod for his 16-point catch.

He summed up the feelings of many hunters when he told local TV station that “hunting is really my passion. I live and breathe hunting and it’s really all I think about.”  See WCSC LIVE 5 news report.

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